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Terms and Conditions


Please read and accept our policies as stated below before booking with us.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.  Thank you!

Terms & Conditions:


  • Payment Policies - In order to secure your party date / time, we take a non-refundable deposit that can be paid via Venmo [@FairestOfAllParties], Zelle [ or phone number (713) 858-8697] or PayPal []. Your party date is not secured until the deposit has been paid and the terms & conditions in this contract have been accepted. The remainder balance must be paid by 11:59 pm the day before the party via Venmo, Zelle or PayPal invoice. For corporate bookings only, the remainder balance may also be paid by check on the corporate bank account due by 11:59 pm the day before the event. We do not accept other forms of payment for the remainder balance.

  • Cancellation Policy - If the client chooses to cancel for any reason, the deposit is non-refundable. If the client cancels within 48 hours of the party start time, we reserve the right to collect the remainder  balance owed in full. If the client would like to change the date / time, we can try to find another date that works for both parties but there will be a re-scheduling fee of $50 since our company and our performers have turned away other work to secure your spot. In the event of dangerous weather conditions, serious illness, natural disaster, an Act of God, or other unforeseen emergency, we reserve the right to cancel or postpone the event and offer an alternative date / time, or the deposit can be refunded if an acceptable alternate date cannot be found. The return of the deposit is agreed by this Agreement to be full payment and liquidated damages for any and all damages and costs of all kinds associated with any cancellation of a booking under this Agreement.

  • Party Time Changes - If you wish to change the party start time, please let us know as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate but time changes are not guaranteed as our performers are often on a strict schedule in order to make it from one party to the next. If you are unable to keep the original party time as discussed when booking, the deposit is non-refundable.

  • Additional Time - Our performers will always stay the allotted amount of time for your chosen party package. If you wish to extend the time, you must check with the performer at least 15 minutes before the end of the party. Staying for additional time is at the discretion of the performer. For each additional half hour extended, the performer must be paid $60 in cash to be added to the total amount due at the end of the party. Please have the remainder balance ready for the performer before they arrive at the party so that they can make a timely departure and arrive safely to their next event.

  • Additional Children - Each party package has a recommended limit for the number of children that may be in attendance. This ensures a stress-free environment for both the performer(s) and children and that there will be enough time to get to all of the activities stated in the party package. If the number of children exceeds the number listed in the party package, please understand that we may not have time to get to every activity listed in the package. In addition, our performers may choose alternate activities they deem appropriate for the number and ages of children present.

  • Watching Children - Our performers are not baby-sitters and are not to be left alone with the children at any time. It is the client’s responsibility to see to it that a parent or guardian is there at all times to chaperone and help keep any children from misbehaving.

  • Outdoor Parties - We will gladly participate in outdoor activities and events. However, due to the delicate nature of our costumes and wigs, our performers will be unable to perform in muddy, wet or rainy conditions. If rain occurs, it is the client’s responsibility to arrange for a location not exposed to the weather or to conditions caused by the weather, such as mud or damp conditions. If an appropriate venue is not provided by the client, the event will be cancelled and the deposit will not be refunded. Our performers will likewise be unable to perform outdoors in temperatures lower than 50 degrees or greater than 90 degrees. If the event is to be held outdoors in the summer, an air-conditioned space must be provided for our performers to cool off and take a water break every 30 minutes.

  • Mascot Characters - Our hooded costume characters will require a water break every 30 minutes and must be provided a private room away from children so as not to spoil the magic.

  • Health & Safety - If at any time a performer feels that they are in a threatening, hostile, unsafe, harmful, hazardous or unsanitary environment, they retain the right to leave the location immediately with the remainder balance paid in full if the adverse condition is not remedied immediately once a performer notifies the client of the threatening, hostile, unsafe, harmful, hazardous or unsanitary condition.

  • Smoke-Free / Pet-Free Environment - Due to the delicate nature of our costumes and wigs as well as for the health of our performers, we will only be able to perform in a smoke-free environment. All pets must be put away for the duration of our stay so as to not cause harm or accident to our costumes, wigs or party supplies.

  • Damages - If our costumes, wigs or party supplies are in any way damaged by fault of the client or client’s guests, the client will be responsible for paying to repair or replace the damaged item(s). Food and drink must be kept away from our performers at all times and children’s hands kept clean after eating. While children are eating, we often do face-painting or makeovers with one child at a time and must be provided a separate table for this activity away from all food and drink.

  • Liability - Fairest of All Parties does not assume responsibility or liability for accidents, injuries or property damages that may result during or in connection with your event. However, you can rest assured that our performers will treat your home, children and guests with care. We are also not responsible for allergic reactions to any costumes, cosmetics or accessories that may occur. If a client has any concerns about a performer, agent or employee of Fairest of All Parties, the client is required to inform Mrs. Rawlings or her designee immediately of those concerns and to allow Fairest of All Parties to remedy the situation. Otherwise, the client agrees to assume full responsibility for the conduct or situation. By this Agreement, to the fullest extent allowed by law, client agrees to hold harmless and to indemnify Fairest of All Parties, together with all its performers, agents  and employees, from liability for any and all damages, losses and injuries of any kind that result from or during a booking to anyone attending the event, except for cases of gross negligence or intentional injury caused by a performer. Client also agrees to hold harmless and to indemnify Fairest of All Parties, and its performers, agents, and employees, from any and all damages, losses (including legal fees), and injuries of all kinds arising in any way from the booking or event. Client agrees that it has liability insurance that covers the event.

  • Gratuity - If you are pleased with your character’s performance, a 15-20% gratuity is always greatly appreciated. We ask that all tips be made in secret away from the children so as not to spoil the magic! Tips must be in cash only.

Contract submitted. Thank you!

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